Sunday, November 11, 2012

Take Ownership to right-click menu in Windows 7

Taking ownership of system files or folders in Windows 7 or Vista is not a simple task. Whether you use the GUI or the command line, it takes far too many steps.

Thankfully somebody created a registry hack that will give you a menu item for “Take Ownership” that will handle all the steps for you. (If you are the person that originally made this script, let me know and I’ll give you credit)


Double click the InstallTakeOwnership then click yes

Here’s what the new right-click menu will look like after installing this registry hack.


Double-click the RemoveTakeOwnership.reg file and click through the prompts. No reboot necessary.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 Download

What's new in Office 2013

1. There are two versions
Accessing your documents from anywhere at anytime just got easier. Users can still buy the desktop suite software, Office 2013, to install directly onto their computers. But wait, there's more: Microsoft is also shooting for the cloud with a revamped version of Office 365, a purely web-based service (think: Google Docs) that users can subscribe to for a monthly fee. If you buy Office 365, for example, you'll be able to download the desktop version onto as many as five machines, all of which can save documents to the cloud. "It's now your Office, not your machine's Office," Microsoft's Chris Pratley tells Wired. "Your files and data and settings live in the cloud, and get synchronized with any device you own or any device you use."

2. Interfaces are touch-friendly
The various apps now include a new "touch mode" that makes using the software a little more "finger-friendly," says Dana Wollman at Engadget. In Word and PowerPoint, for example, you'll be able to enter a "read-only mode that turns documents into full-screen editions," replete with swappable pages like an e-book or digital magazine.

3. Apps are smarter
Everything is more intelligent. With Excel, for example, a new feature called "Flash Fill" recognizes your data patterns to the point where it can fill in the remaining blank cells for you. In Word, "Track Changes" are less cumbersome — you simply click on a red line and it will expand the thread to include edits and notes. And with PowerPoint, presenters will be able to use many "behind-the-scenes features" designed to make presentations easier, such as a new "Presenter View," which lets you tack on teleprompter-style notes on the back end that your audience never sees.

4. Easy PDF editing
Users will finally be able to edit PDF files using Microsoft Word. Before you'd need additional software, which typically wasn't free. After testing the feature, Engadget's Wollman noted, "We had no problem taking a PDF email attachment, typing in additional material, saving it as a PDF and then viewing it in Windows Reader." It may not be the most exciting update, "but it is certainly one of the most useful."

5. You can try it out now for yourself
Windows users can download a "Customer Preview" version of the unfinished software here, but you'll need Windows 7 or above, saysComputerworld. "If you're one of the 50.3 percent of PC users working on either the 11-year-old Windows XP or the five-year-old Vista, though, you're out of luck."

Direct Links:

For 32-bit:

For 64-bit:

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TuneUp Utilities 2013 with CRACK [ACTIVATED]

What's new in TuneUp Utilities 2013

The Innovative TuneUp Disk Cleaner:
· Are program remnants and files accumulating on your hard disk? The new TuneUp Disk Cleaner function provides you with expert help, clearing your computer of these remnants.

The Thorough TuneUp Browser Cleaner:
· TuneUp Browser Cleaner allows you to completely clear out many different areas of your browser. It uncovers and cleans up numerous traces of your surfing activity, including the cache, cookies and downloads.

The Even More Powerful TuneUp Registry Cleaner:
· For an even more thorough cleanup, the new and improved TuneUp Registry Cleaner now scans and cleans up even more areas of the Windows registry.

The Improved TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner:
· The optimized TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner now removes broken shortcuts and history lists of programs from the hard disk even more efficiently.

The Even More Effective TuneUp Live Optimization:
· The new TuneUp Live Optimization is now even more intelligent and learns with you. It detects frequently deprioritized programs and gives you the option to disable them.

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